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PART 2: 1942 - Possible Futures


A love for adventure, the thirst for seeking out answers from the unknown and that elusive quest for discovering a more perfect beauty than seen before. These have lured hungry minds throughout the centuries - forever yearning as they probe and extend the frontiers of the ‘known’ world.

Mermaids: imaginary physical mammals or the living spirits of the seas? The diver holds a high place amongst those who carry the torch of the pioneering spirit. On the surface it may be the desire of riches or the pursuit of a trade which draws a diver down. Once underwater it is the seeking out of the Unknown and the Undiscovered, both of this world and him or herself, which calls with the loudest voice.

The story of diving is as old as the seas themselves. As you sit back we aim to shine a light on some of the watershed achievements which have contributed to the development of newer and ever more efficient ways for human beings to move through water of continually increasing depths.


From Part One...

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea John Williamson 1916

Development of Standard Dress by the Deanes and Augustus Siebe

‘Ancestor of the aqualung’ Commandant Yves Le Prieur 1935

Pioneer of modern diving mobility Hans Hass 1942



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